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Elementary (season 6)

This is a new interpretation of classical work by Arthur Conan Doyle about Sherlock Holmes. But the things are progressing not in the classical way. The main hero is not in London and is not in Victorian times. He is in New York city in the present. One more surprise is waiting for viewers. Now Sherlock has an assistant girl in the person of Dr. Joan Watson. This is a modern criminal drama about duet of a private detective and a doctor. They solve the most complicated cases in the New York police department.

Nashville (season 6)

This show is certainly worth your attention and represents a well-written drama with elements of musical and even, in some way, a style of soap opera Dallas but without absurd change-ups. The show was nominated to many awards. Probably, one of the downsides is a political story line that was shortly wiped out. First of all, the series will be interested to good music lovers, moreover, not the country fans only. In general, Nashville has managed to realistically show the music industry and interesting change-ups not falling to cliche.

The Voice (season 13)

Welcome to the show The Voice! This is a competition unlike other ones because the main thing here is your voice. Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Miley Cyrus and others are here now to reveal the greatest voice of America.

Game of Thrones (season 2)

Time of well-being is coming to an end. It has been lasting for several decades. In the meantime a plotting against the crown is getting to start. Moreover, the king himself does not even know about it. He calmly appoints his friend Ned Stark as the Kings Hand. There are many people who desire to have power in this world. Whoever it was, a king or a hit man, everybody is scheming hard and can set the friends up. But there is a place for compassion and nobleness among such cruelty.

Game of Thrones (season 3)

One should not think fantasy is something for the children like bedtime stories. This TV show shatters stereotypes at all. There are no completely right and perfect heroes here. There are no caricature villains seeking to take over the world for the sake of the fact of taking over. The heroes of the book and of the show are like you and me. Every one of them has his own vices, weaknesses, desires, motivations, skeletons. All of that is laced in an incredible ball of passions, intrigues, cunning and betrayal along with such seemingly antagonistic things like honor, duty, friendship, love. This is the world of the Game of Thrones, it is complicated but fascinating and unpredictable when one is fond of it.

Rick Stein’s Road to Mexico (season 1)

He had made a trip in the far 1970s. And now being under the impression a Britain chef tells us about food addictions of people who he met. These people live almost everywhere, in San Francisco, California and in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Limitless (season 1)

This is a story of a man who manages to disclose the possibilities of his brain. The main hero Brian Finch takes a preparation named NZT that gives him a fantastic mind power. The hero starts thinking about using his power for solving complicated cases of the FBI. Brian will work with the FBI agent Rebecca who is rapidly climbing the ladder. As usual, the hero has come for serving not for nothing. Rebeccas goal is just around the corner. There is another character in the story line. Senator Edward Morra. He has big plans on Brian Finch who works for him hiding it from the FBI.

Stargate SG-1 (season 8)

We go to the beginning of the twentieth century. Explorers who were performing expedition in Egypt faces an ancient artifact that stayed a mystery for many members of expedition. American military thanks to an egyptologist managed to translate strange symbols on the mysterious arch of this relic. As the inscription says, this significant artifact is a gate to another world. Amazed with that fact egyptologist Jackson decides to activate the gate. Now the main hero gathers an expedition.

Stargate SG-1 (season 4)

The action of the show takes place in Egypt. This is 1928. The archaeologists organized an expedition for discovering ancient pyramids. In one of them they found a ring which purpose they could not determine. Mighty strange symbols were located on the artifact. Members of the expedition have not enough knowledge and experience to understand the meaning of the symbols. After that the scientist invited Jackson as an assistant. This man is well-known in the archaeologist community. Egyptian pyramids is a strength of his. He has been explored it. Jackson is determined the building of the pyramids is the work of aliens. This is his science theory.

Trollhunters (season 2)

The main hero of the animated series even had no idea he was living in the wonderful world where reality is bordering on fairy tales. There is the world where trolls live under his feet. Some creatures live in calm and quiet, but some ones always try to break out and to get the control of all worlds. Evil trolls permanently fight with good creatures. But all their tries failed. The thing is the chosen hunter year after year defends the worlds and prevent evil trolls from their plan being successes.

Stargate SG-1 (season 10)

The main hero of the TV show is an archeologist, Egypt explorer named Jackson. When an ancient artifact was found in a pyramid, it was a ring, he was invited to decode inscriptions on the ring. Well-known egyptologist is convinced that all the pyramids are made by aliens. During the decoding of the ring inscriptions he managed to learn the ring was belonged to Ra, the god of sun. It gives an opportunity to move from one world to another. When Jackson got in the another world, he meets god Ra. Now, to get back home, Jackson has to fight Ra. This is the only way back to home.

Reign (season 4)

This TV series tells a story of once ruled Mary Stuart and all the other kings and queens of that time. Scotland, France and England. Story telling devolves about these countries. Royal rumors, luxury dresses, blood fights and love connections. In these words one can describe this series. An atmosphere of middle age makes you dive into the world of sixteenth century and move the Royal Court. Decorators, makeup artists and stylists Have been working really hard. The plot is based on the historical facts.

Mozart in the Jungle (season 4)

The base of this TV show script is memoir of a popular journalist and oboist named Blair Tindall. They touch upon three mixed and bright issues: classical music, sex and drugs. Being on the stage the performers seem to be very discreet. But what is the price of this? The viewers will see in this show the way of life of talented people who perform eternal classics. What kind of vices they are possessed by? There is a rude competition between people and the stronger one wins by following the rules of survival. There is no place for weak ones. Purposeful person only can survive in such conditions.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (season 1)

This project tells about a girl named Miriam. We go to the 1958. The main heroine live knowing no problems and no troubles. She has everything to be really happy. Her husband and she love each other and two children please her day by day. In addition, the family lives in a good district of city that attracts with its comfort and beauty. The main heroes cram in an apartment somewhere on the upper West Side. Pleasure things do not stop at this point. Miriam Maisel opens an incredible skill inside herself. It turns out the girl performs a great stand-up. She can make people laugh even with an ordinary story. The life of the main heroine changes totally when she starts making progress in this way.

The Bridge (season 4)

On the bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden a dramatic incident occurs. There was a short loss of power in the middle of the bridge. And after the switching on a body of woman appears there. It is right in the middle of the bridge, head is to Sweden, legs are to Denmark. The police is confused. What country should investigate the crime? And who was able to plant the body in such a short time?

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