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Talking Dead (season 7)

This is a live after show that broadcast on Sundays just after the new episode of the Walking Dead is finished. Usually there are host Chris Hardwick and several guest stars in the studio. In the course of the show guests answer the questions of viewers and discuss the last episode of the show.

Hit the Floor (season 4)

Basketball is one of the most popular team games all over the world. Players during the match work very hard. But as in any other sport each athlete needs support. In the basketball the base of support is cheerleader girls. This sport drama TV show will follow them. The Los Angeles Devils are professional cheerleaders. They are sexy, their bodies are great and tight. This is how the cheerleader girl has to look. The match has begun, the players try to win their competitors, the audience is buzzing. When the halftime is come these devil girls go out to the court and perform a great hot show.

Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn (season 4)

How can two parents cope with a gang of children? There is no other name for them. Boys Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and their sister Dawn always can find what to do. They are quadruplets. They have common friends. They care for the same puppy, they live in the common room, and they have one birthday for all. The kids often argue who is the boss.

Good Witch (season 3)

This is a nice fantasy TV show that is based on the same name movie series. At the center of the plot is a young and glamorous woman named Cassie Natingale. She and her daughter move to live in a small provincial town. The heroine hoped to start a new life at that calm and quiet place. But Cassies arrival attracts too much attention. She starts having small but unpleasant problems.

Drunk History (season 5)

Today we begin to learn a crucial subject, history. But your teacher had got drunk out yesterday and today he is hydrating. So we can not garantee the precision of the events we are talking about. But for your understanding, dear children, his naration is staged by some famous people. All references to living persons are intentional.

Taken (season 2)

This is the story of young Bryan Mills, a former Green Beret who suffering a tragedy that has changed everything in his life. While he is coping the consequences of the trauma, Mills becomes a CIA operative. The new job wakes special and incredibly dangerous talents inside of him.

Benidorm (season 9)

At the center of the plot of this British TV show is a bunch of the main heroes each of which has a unique story and unsurpassed charismatic character. Not a very good hotel in Great Britain named Solana every years opens its doors for lots of tourists from all over the world. But there are regular customers among them. They are able to destroy well-established life of calm English.

A Place To Call Home (season 1)

The action of the drama TV series moves viewers to the 1953. Sarah is a spectacular middle-aged woman. She was born in Australia but the last twenty years she has spent in Europe. When the heroine gets news about her brothers death, she decides to go back home. But what is waiting for her at that place from the past? Will she forget all the strokes of bad luck here? Will Sarah, with her worldview and manners adapt to rules and customs of the local society? Perhaps, this is the place where she will find a new love. Because this is native home that can heal the deepest wounds and give a hope for bright future.

A Place To Call Home (season 2)

Sarah is not a young girl for a long time. The heroine of the show has been living in Europe since her youth. She tried to find her calling in life. But twenty-years residence in a foreign continent was not successful. In 1953 Sarah firmly decides that living in Europe is not the thing she thought. She wants to go back home. The heroine is packing up and is going to Australia. The place she was born. Sarah will try to star a new life from scratch. What is waiting for the main heroine at the place where she has not been for a long time? Will her own home be hospitable?

A Place To Call Home (season 3)

We go to the middle of the last century. At the center of the plot is a girl named Sarah. The heroine has been living and working in Europe for a long time. Twenty years have passed since the girl had left her native town for the other continent. Yet for some reason Sarah is missing Australia. She decides to go back there after so many years. But the life in the native town has been completely changed. Old friends have changed, generations have changed, but the atmosphere is still the same.

Bunsen is a Beast! (season 1)

Say hello to Bunsen, a new beast in Muckledunk high school. More precisely, he is the first in the world beast at human school. He has a very important task to prove the monsters and humans can coexist despite their differences. Bunsens friend, a boy named Mikey Munroe helps him in doing so. The boy teaches him simple human things. To do a homework, to take it in the dining room and to control his inner little monster which tries to get out sometimes. Bunsen is very curious, and he wants know everything about humans. Along with Mikey he will prove to the mankind that a beast and a human can be the best friends.

The League of Gentlemen (season 4)

In this TV show the stories of strange characters are intertwined. They are a transsexual taxi driver, a family that obsessed with hygiene, a violent priest, an owner of circus that has kidnapped a woman to marry her and a couple of xenophobic people who manage the local shop.

Total Divas (season 7)

This is an American TV show that was first aired on July 28, 2013. The show lets the viewers look at the life of WWE divas from inside. From their work at WWE to their private life. Moments from behind the scene are included too. Unlike the other TV shows of WWE the most of the performers use their own names instead of pseudony

Unsolved (season 1)

This TV show is based on true events and tells about the police investigation of deaths of Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. The creators of the show were consulted by detective of the Los Angeles Police Department Greg Kading who had been investigating the murders of the both rappers. Kading has later written a book named Murder Rap: The Untold Story of the Biggie Smalls & Tupac Shakur Murder Investigations.

Mars (season 1)

Crippling curiosity and desire of knowing the unknown has made mankind to incredible descoveries over many centuries. People opened new horizons over many centuries, they took opportunities to cross the oceans, they learned to go up in the sky and they suboedinated the power of the atom. And now, when there is almost no place which no man has entered on our planet far stars begin to beckon more and more. Despite the mankind can not now make distant space flights we settle for gathering the information from space stations and unmanned space devices. People do not lose hope and do their best to make closer the moment when space journeys are real.

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