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Our Cartoon President (season 1)

This is an animated office comedy in which the boss cabinet is oval. The main heroes of the show, that is made by political satirist Stephen Colbert, are the president of the USA Donald Trump, his family, ministers, advisers, heads of other states and other guests and inhabitants of the White House. Each episode is typical day from the life of the most scandalous and ambiguous president in history of the US. The show tells not only about everyday life of the White House in a humorous way but it discovers mentality and motivation of the people close to the president.

Holby City (season 20)

The show tells about every day hectic work of the cardiac unit of the Holby City Hospital. Professional and private life of doctors and nurses, hard medical cases, new patients, intrigues and financial frauds. All of these things the viewers will see. The cardiac unit is headed by despotic Anton Meyer who is assisted by his arrogant friend Nick and medical consultant Muriel McKendrick. Their relationships with numerous staff make the main story line of the TV show.

Lip Sync Battle (season 4)

This is an entertaining show featuring modern stars and celebrities. They are to hit the jury not with their voice but with their skills to lip-synch to songs.

Living Biblically (season 1)

The main hero of this comedy show is an ordinary guy named Chip Curry who has decided to change his life dramatically. In the course of the year he will live by all rights and manuals that he managed to find in the Bible. And other people have to adapt to new Chips eccentricities. His girlfriend Leslie will help the main hero in his difficult endeavor. The show is based on the book The Year of Living Biblically by American writer and journalist A. J. Jacobs that was published in 2007.

The Paynes (season 1)

This is a spin off of the TV show House of Payne. Curtis and Ella Payne try to enjoy their retirement in Florida. But one bad real estate buying makes their life not the fairy tale that they have dreamed about.

Life Sentence (season 1)

For the last eight years Stella Abbot has been living like any her day may be the last one. And in general that is what it is. The girl was terminally ill. But once a real miracle happens. Stella learns she is healthy. After the euphoria has gone the girl understands she is to find her place in life that she has built for the last several years oblivious to consequences.

Ice (season 2)

At the center of the story are brothers Jake and Freddy, the sons of Isaac Green who is the head of the family that owns Green & Green Diamonds company. That company is trading in diamonds including the black market of Los Angeles. When Freddy accidentally kills a famous diamond trader Jake is to save his brother and family business from certain death. On the way to the goal the main character is to face thugs, dirty deals, fake documents and the FBI agents.

Imposters (season 2)

At the center of the story is a clever, attractive and ambitious girl who clearly knows what she wants out of life. Over the years of her activity she has learned to manipulate people and to make them make impulsive decisions. She is a cheater, she is extraordinarily good at her business, and she is a schemer. The main heroine flirts with others so masterfully that she is able to trick anybody. The girl easily charms not only men but women, doing it skillfully.

The Fosters (season 5)

The series tells about a dramatic story of one family. Creators decided to tell about hard life of two lesbians in the modern society. They have openly revealed their relationship. The main heroines are together for a long time. They have strong family. They are a good couple of women who get along with each other perfectly. In addition, the heroines bring up their children. It bound them together more. But the modern society is not ready for such a family yet.

La peste (season 1)

The action takes place in Seville of sixteenth century during the Bubonic plague outbreak. Mateo, a former soldier, comes back to Seville to find the son of his dead friend. Earlier Mateo was forced to run away from the city due the inquisition had sentenced him to death for prohibited books printing. When Mateo is back to Seville he is arrested by inquisition. But he is promised to be pardoned if he will reveal the series of devilish crimes that committed in the city.

Tarzan and Jane (season 1)

A teenager who has been saved after a plane crash named Tarzan joins forces with brave city girl Jane to protect his jungle from threats.

Lost (season 1)

Adventure and mystic disaster TV show tells about the people of different genders, ages, social classes were flying a plane. The flight ended with a wreck over the Pacific ocean and the plane went down to an island. A part of passengers died but fourty-eight people miraculously escaped death. Now they are to fight for their lives everyday. The strange island where they ended up is very dangerous and death is waiting for these people everywhere.

Black Jesus (season 1)

America, state California, a small town of Compton, present days. This is the place where modern Jesus has settled. He is a black athletic build guy. He has made it his mission to bring good and justice to the Earth. Now he is traveling the town districts and trying to educate people that peace, good and justice will help mankind to survive. A group of like-minded people who share all the views and intentions of new Jesus gathers around the modern Messiah.

You Me Her (season 3)

This is an American comedy TV show telling about how to - or how not to - save ruining family in the modern world. Jack and Emma make scandals and bare keep on the verge of the physical abuse making lives of each other more difficult. But before the breakup Emma decides to pamper Jack with a service of a call girl named Izzy. The hot girl turns out to be so extraordinary and attractive that not only Jack falls in love with her but Emma herself.

Black Jesus (season 2)

This TV series tells about unusual Jesus. Because of that, if you are a real Christian you should better ignore this TV show. It may insult your religious feelings. The plot of the TV show revolves around an African American named Jesus who tries to preach good and to bring it to people. Of course, his methods are unordinary. He often strongly does good. Many people do not like such stubbornness. Jesuss assistants help him in this hard work.

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