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Fear the Walking Dead (season 4)

By deciding to relocate the action from Atlanta to Los Angeles the spinoff authors in fact untied their hands. They have created totally new heroes that could be used the way creators want. The original series suffered from some kind of slow pace of the story line and its spin-off has bigger problems.

The 100 (season 5)

This exciting sci-fi TV show is based on the same name work by American writer Kass Morgan. The action unfolds in the distant future after the global nuclear disaster has happened on Earth. As a result the planet had become uninhabitable and the whole survived population of the planet had to relocate to space stations. Time passed by, the population of the stations grew. After a hundred years, it has led to overcrowding that had resulted in serious problems. Mankind begins to lack in vital resources. They had decided to send a survey group to Earth. A hundred of juvenile criminals was selected for this dangerous mission. The teenagers had a small choice. To stay and to be an inmate or to live free life on the infected planet.

Quantico (season 3)

The main heroine of the show Alex Parrish, obsessed with protecting her country, goes to the elite FBI agents training academy Quantico that is known for its severe recruit training methods. During some time, in the course of grueling physical and psychological training, she well deserves the title of the best recruit of the academy. Suddenly the city shakes from the massive explosion and agent Parrish is accused of being involved into this terrorists act. The girl is lucky Miranda Shaw, the director of Quantico base, is on her side. Miranda is the first woman who holds such a high position in the FBI.

The Originals (season 5)

At the center of the action of this fantasy TV show are several main characters of popular American show The Vampire Diaries. Klaus is one of those who are called The Originals. He is an amazing creature because he combines the abilities of two races - vampires and werewolves - this is the reason why he is very dangerous and almost invincible. After a series of events in Mystic Falls Klaus decides to leave this place and go back to New Orleans that he used to build a long time ago.

Good Witch (season 4)

This great fantasy TV show is based on the same name movies. At the center of the plot is a young and very striking woman named Cassie Nightingale. Her daughter and she moves to a small town. At this quiet and calm place the heroine hopes to begin a new life. But Cassies arrival attracts too much attention, and she has small but unpleasant troubles.

Colony (season 3)

The actions of this TV series take place in the near future. Los Angeles is occupied by unknown forces. At the center of the plot is a former FBI agent Will Bowman who with his family ends up in the occupied and isolated city. For unknown reasons his son is taken away from him. Not willing to tolerate the disappearance of the child Will goes for searching him. He tries to sneak into a military base and requests for assistance of the man who provides such services.

The Americans (season 6)

This is a story of complicated marriage of two KGB agents who, under the guise of being Americans, move into the suburbs of Washington just after the election of Reagan. Fake marriage of Phillip and Elizabeth day by day becomes more real and emotional despite the escalation of the cold war and dangerous relations that they have to keep with network of spies and informants. The tension builds when a new neighbor Stan appears. He is the FBI agent and works in counter-intelligence unit.

Code Black (season 3)

The actions of the show unfold in the intensive care unit of the most known hospital of the USA, Angels Memorial. A group of young residents gets here for practicing. They will go through the harsh ordeals, and they will be sure on their own experience what is real emergency care. This is when all your resources are on the limit. Code Black is a special situation in the intensive care unit when there are too many patients. At this moment the medics have to be as much as possible serious.

I’m Dying Up Here (season 2)

Dynamic and full of drama comedy show made by Jim Carrey tells about hard weekdays of a cult club with its funny stories and sad behind the scenes. The action of this sitcom moves us to the past. We have the opportunity to feel the colors of Los Angeles of the 1970s. Millions of the worlds celebrities started their careers here. Welcome to the legendary night club where scandalous known for its brilliant performances, keen sarcasm and sad situations stand-up scene is waiting for the regulars and new guests.

Instinct (season 1)

The main hero of the show is a former CIA employee who has been retired for a long time and live ordinary life. But he is forced to keep his job to help his former colleagues to track a serial killer.

RuPaul’s Drag Race (season 10)

Every episode is a crazy mix of jokes, drama, tolerance, vulgarity, guys in pants, guys with unfinished makeup and chic guys. I take it! They collect strong and interesting characters here. They are breaking your view of the world, they introduce their culture and their slang to you. They donate their catch phrases. Be careful with RuPaul, he can send you a lawyer.

Westworld (season 2)

In a futuristic entertainment park with historical decorations androids become slaves of people. They have done daily work until the glitch in the software turns them into dangerous murderers.

Trauma (season 1)

At the center of this exciting drama are stories of two fathers whose destinies are crossing because of a tragic event. Life of manager Dan Bowker, a husband and a father of three, ruins when his fifteen-years-old son, knife wound, gets in trauma of a London hospital. Respectable and highly-paid consulting surgeon, a father of eighteen-years-old daughter, Jon Allerton is engaged into the teenager salvation. But the boy dies on the operating table. Heartbroken Dan blames the doctor for Alexs death. He begins his investigation that affects not only professional but private life of Jon who ends up in really difficult situation.

Brockmire (season 2)

The main hero of this exciting TV show is a man named Jim Brockmire. His life is good. He is a famous commentator of Major League Baseball. He is known to the whole country and earn big money thanks to his talent. The man has a beautiful wife who he has full confidence in. Happiness and understanding in family, a profession he loves, financial health. This man has everything that one can dream about. But one day everything turns upside down when he learns his wife actually is cheating on him.

Genius (season 2)

This is the second season of the show that tells about outstanding artist of the twentieth century Pablo Picasso. A representative of cubism and surrealism, an amazing Spanish artist, a sculptor and just an incredible person. This TV show follows not only his creativity but his uneasy life that made the main hero to travel around the world, to know the grief of love and to leave a trail in the history of the world arts. He had opened new creative trends, a unique view on the presentation of the people, the nature and the world. Many people call Picasso the genius of his time. Do we know everything about that man?

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