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Castle Rock (season 1)

Hulu streaming service offers viewers a new screen adaptation of the works by Stephen King. At the center of attention of the plot are the events that related to the fictional town of Castle Rock that is located in Maine. At the first time one could hear about the town in The Dead Zone of 1979. Furthermore, Castle Rock appears in such books as Dr Sleep and Revival. Events of many works have mixed in the town. Here are a story of a boy named Johnny Smith and of a salesman named Greg Stillson

Animal Kingdom (season 3)

The producers of the show were inspired by the same name Australian movie by David Michod of 2010. This is a story of seventeen-years-old Joshua Cody who after his mothers death moves to the relatives in a beach town in Southern California. The head of the family Janine Cody rules the family business. Her main assistant is the elder brother Pope. Other sons help their mother as best as they can. In a short time Joshua realizes the family business is related to crimes and now he perforce is a part of that new for him and deadly dangerous world.

Condor (season 1)

This is a project based on the Sydney Pollacks thriller. The movie was released in the distant 1975 starring famous Robert Redford. At the center of attention of the plot is Joe Turner. The main hero is an idealist who believes he will be able to show himself at a new place of work. He is recruited by CIA. Now the protagonist extracts important information and analyzes situation in the country. But the young man still does not know what he is getting into. A struggle for survival awaits him when he is to face a real cruel criminal.

Queen of the South (season 3)

Teresa leaves Mexico after her friend, drug dealer, has been killed. Settled in Spain she seeks to become the most powerful drug trafficker in the country and to avenge the death of her lover.

Yellowstone (season 1)

In the United States of America there is a national park which is known for the whole world. Yellowstone is the place where thousands of tourists come. But simple visitors do not even know what kind of dramatic situation developing around the park. There is a small ranch in the neighborhood. It belongs to John Dutton. His family has long been living on this land. But the ranch borders the national park. The management of the Yellowstone tries its best to buy Johns lands. But he believes the private property has to stay untouched. In addition, money-grabbing developers and representatives of the indian reservation become involved in the fight for the territory.

Queen Sugar (season 3)

For many years for many families their business develops into not a way to support themselves but a family tradition handed down from generation to generation. It does not matter what it is. A small food store or a huge transnational corporation. A small family farm or a huge agribusiness company. A stable business that generates permanent income or a problem that requires investment. All of that eventually is handed from the heads of the families down to the most dignified of the descendants.

Spirit: Riding Free (season 4)

We go to the incredible city of Los Angeles where talented young people perform their stand-ups. At the center of attention of the project are six half-hour monologues in which every one of them tries to tell an interesting, profound and complicated story full of humor, intrigues and amazing ending. Life situations and stories from private life are waiting for you here. Awkward comic stories are the thing of which everybody assembles to listen to. Every comic makes laugh and funny in his own way.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (season 8)

The action of this animation series takes place in a fictional country named Equestria where little magic ponies live. But aside from them many other creatures live there. They are dragons, manticores, griffins and many others. Everything is connected in the magic world, nothing happens accidentally. And, the main thing, every magic creature has its own purpose. For example, sister-rulers of Equestria, princess Celestia and princess Luna are in charge of moon and sun rising. Pegasuses control the weather and all that is related to the sky.

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger (season 1)

This is a story of love of two young people who suddenly find incredible power that lurks in their bodies. The main heroes understand that being together they are able to use their extraordinary abilities. Tandy discovers light beams that are more similar to deadly daggers. Tyrone can generate the dark that transports everything to another world. The protagonists know that only team work can help them to cope with all the trouble arising from their abilities.

SIX (season 2)

The plot of the TV show revolves around the fighter of the team SIX. They are SEAL team, the most elite special forces all over the world. It began in Afghanistan where the team under the direction of battle-hardened Richard Rip Taggart performed the mission of eliminating a dangerous terrorist. Years of service and a lot of battle tasks in the hottest spots of the planet, in the course of which he had often to risk his life, left an indelible mark on Ricks mental state. But he was a real commander and an unconditional leader for every soldier in the team.

Raven’s Home (season 2)

This comedy show will tell the story of two families. Two single moms Raven and Chelsea. At first, there was just women friendship between them. But after a while they decided two families better two live together. So children can be looked after more easily because one mom can look after her children and other ones. One can not be afraid of running errands. One of the Ravens children began to predict the future that will be in several hours, maybe several days. After that, something extraordinary began to happen.

Greyzone (season 1)

A German truck is arrested at Swedish customs. Custom officer finds a cargo inside that is very disturbing for the intelligence services of Sweden and Denmark. Everything indicates that a terrorists attack of unprecedented scale is planning in the territory of Scandinavia. To make the case solved the head of the Danish intelligence service restores a suspended officer whose public relationship skills will come in handy many times during the investigation.

The Handmaid’s Tale (season 2)

We go to the republic of Gilead. Power here concentrates in the hands of military. This is why one cannot say that the life of ordinary people is good. There are violent morals and strict discipline in the country. Only officers and their wives live in comfort. The strange thing is that babies are not born in these families. Every officer lineage could be interrupted in this way. This is why the officers wives decide to pick from maids the girls who will carry the child.

Ransom (season 2)

Eric Beaumont is a professional negotiator who many people even do not know about till the moment they need his assistance. Hostage-taking, kidnapping for ransom and many other critical situations are the problems that may be solved by the elite police units performing various special operations. But the protagonist thinks the most of the problems may be solved with an ordinary negotiation. And there is a chance to avoid violence and bloodshed.

The Expanse (season 3)

Two hundred years after present day a detective, who used to carry out everything till the end, as a part of investigation into young woman disappearance, ends up aboard a star ship the captain of which decides to assist the detective in his difficult task. The greatest conspiracy in human history is guaranteed. So is its indispensable disclosing.

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