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Wentworth (season 6)

In this drama series the action takes place in Australia. It follows the lives of woman-prisoners that are made by their own, sometimes cruel, laws. If they do not uphold the laws they can die. Each episode is devoted to the story of one prisoner during which the viewer learns the reasons why the woman got into prison. At the center of the plot is Bea Smith. Life made her to part with her daughter and to wait patiently for the court decision.

Younger (season 5)

This American TV series tells the story of a woman who had to adapt to circumstances. Liza is forty years old. She happens to divorce her husband and now she is a single mother. The woman decides to start a new life and to find a new job. But it turned out to be not so easy. She is at the age when the employers are reluctant to hire people. So Liza dares to desperate action. She changes her appearance by changing the image to be more youth. In addition, she changes her age. Now she is not forty but twenty-six.

Whose Line is it Anyway? (season 14)

We go to the beginning of the twentieth century. At the center of attention of the plot are events that took place on Saint Valentines day. A group of students of high school with their teachers goes on picnic. They chose a great spot. The main heroines end up on the Hanging rock that captures with its nature beauty. People say this place has not changed its appearance for a million years. But there are rumors it contains a mysterious power inside.

Sharp Objects (season 1)

Camille Preaker works as a reporter in a small Chicago newspaper. Her career is not very successful but one day she got a chance to get famous all over the country. Camille is assigned to a small rural town where she was grown up and where a cruel maniac commits his crimes. His victims are girls. As Preaker is familiar with locals it will be easy for her to get some information about the investigation.

The Affair (season 4)

This show is about some things that are forever. The relationships between a man and a woman. Noah, a novice writer, goes to a small seaside town with his wife and four children. A chance encounter with a waitress of the local cafe named Alison corrects the family vacation. The show is made as a confession of two people, Noah and Alison in turn tell their own version of events. As the writer says, the girl always raised him with her aggressive sexual behavior. But the version of the waitress is diametrically opposed.

Power (season 5)

We offer you to dive into the dramatic actions of the TV show. The plot tells about the life of a young man called Ghost who tried to get in with the upper classes. But he turned out to be useless there. Now he is implementing in the criminal world. The Ghost is successful here. His power expands to New York and the police begins a war against the Colombian cartel. The FBI agents and other special services get involved into the cases.

Preacher (season 3)

This is a screen adaptation of the popular comics series by Garth Ennis that was released by Vertigo, the DC Comics unit. The plot of the show revolves around Jesse Custer, a preacher who lives in a small provincial town of Annville. By chance, he becomes a vessel for extremely powerful supernatural creature named Genesis. Genesis is a result of impossible and absurd copulation av angel and demon. Without understanding the scope of his huge power that Genesis gave him our hero being led by righteous anger leaves his town and goes to a dangerous journey wandering the vastness of the USA trying to find the God who left the heaven to hold him accountable.

Shades of Blue (season 3)

The show tells about Harlee Santos, a talented detective working in a cohesive team of the Brooklyn police department that is headed by cruel and just lieutenant Wozniak who likes radical methods in work of his unit. These methods are often outside the law, but they are necessary to protect his wards. Hardly making ends meet Harlee raises her little daughter in her spare time. So when she is offered a well-paid job the heroine is agreed for it.

Claws (season 2)

In this show a black woman who did not get used to live at anothers expense much less at husnabds expense. She reaches well-being for her and her family at her own. In her view the men is beings useful for the interesting pastime. In other cases the men are bummers. In present days, the lady engages in manicure business. Thanks to her mastery there are a lot of clients in her salon. Even the fussiest clients are satisfied.

Detroiters (season 2)

Advertising is the engine of trade. This is that is absolutely not interesting for the main heroes named Tim and Sam. The guys have worked in advertising business for all their life, and they can tell anybody how things are in this niche. The two have been friends for many years they got in various troubles and always helped each other. And now their life is not so stable. As before they make cheap and foolish commercials and advertising campaigns having not enough money and long-term orders.

Shooter (season 3)

At the center of the plot of this TV series is a professional sniper named Bob Lee Swagger who had been serving at the American army for many years. But after the death of Bobbys friend and sidekick during a secret operation he once and for all decided to stop with service and now he lives a quiet life. But one day the past reminds about itself. The retired soldier is asked for help to the secret service. They tell him an attack to the head of the state is getting prepared. And he is one of the few who can help.

Reverie (season 1)

Former negotiator and behavioral expert Mara Kint is involved in the project of the advanced virtual reality which users refused to return and went into a dangerous virtual coma. She is to go into the minds of other people to convince them to come back to the real world.

Suits (season 8)

At the center of the plot is an amazing but unmotivated young man who has not graduated from college. He has everything to become a good lawyer except diploma. But thanks to the knowing of street laws and assertive, not always honest actions he is hired by a powerful legal firm from Manhattan.

The Bold Type (season 2)

A dramatic TV series will show you an exciting story of the path of the chief editor of a womens fashion magazine named Cosmopolitan. At the center of the plot are three young girls, journalist Jane, office manager Sutton and social media manager Kat. They live in gorgeous New York and work on a modern fashion magazine named Scarlett. Being good friends they enjoy their success keeping in mind to help each other. Despite all of that every one of them has not only personal trouble but ambitions about the loved magazine development.

Dietland (season 1)

At the center of the plot of this comedy drama are stories of models and socialites who seek to lose weight by all possible means and get more beautiful. But backstage of the fashion world is hiding unpleasant details that one cannot see looking at glossy magazines. Pursuit of beauty trends leads not only to tears but to more tragic consequences. The show is based on the same name novel by Sarai Walker.

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